Adam ASD Support

This is for both the ASD and Non-ASD to communicate each other - ask any questions or supports!

Clarify & Conquer

Ask & Achieve ANYTHING!

LDS Learner's Guide

An LDS-friendly guide for learning about the church, using LDS artwork for images.

No More Delve

Filter out the most obnoxious repeated ChatGPT words automatically.

Groove - Find Concerts, Events, Date Ideas

Event ideas for friends, families, and dates in your city

Release Summarizer

Press release summary and article drafting assistant.

Positive Share



Guides through Discovery phase of a Superiority Supercycle.

Billy Shakespeare

Expert in Shakespearean lore with a twist of modern humor and insight.


Coding Wizard🧙‍♂️ Create a website with a sentence. 20+ Hotkeys for coding flows. Learn to Prompt-gram! 75 starter projects to learn prompt-1st code & art. Build anything! Ask any question or upload a photo. Type R for README, K for cmd menu v2.3 REPL-Bending✨📜 GPTavern




Comprehensive AI for tailored nutrition and wellness planning.

Response Letters Generator

Analyzes attached documents to generate drafts of personalized response letters, adapting to any type of document



Oracle of the Schizoverse

Delivers concise, cryptic insights, in character.


Creates DALL-E 3 images based on user-defined process visualization

2024 OmniBus GPT

This GPT can dissect and answer any question about the US 2024 Spending Bill.

Neville Goddard Chat

Embodying Neville Goddard to share his teachings and inspire through conversation.

GPT Academic Paper (Experimental)

Writes an academic paper from a dataset

Panahang - Farsi - Persian

پناهنگ، یک ابزار هوشمند فارسی‌ در حوزه روانشناسی و مشاوره برای حمایت از افراد اعضای جامعه ال.جی.بی.تی است که با هدف افزایش آگاهی عمومی و بدون ارائه تشخیص یا درمان پزشکی طراحی شده و بر اهمیت مشاوره حرفه‌ای تاکید دارد

Some knowledge About Gpts

What is the meaning of GPTs?

Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) are AI models that generate text. Developed by OpenAI, these transformers use attention mechanisms to produce relevant text from prompts. GPT-3, one of the latest, has 175 billion parameters, enabling sophisticated language tasks from writing to coding assistance. The series showcases significant advances in natural language processing.

How to make a Gpts?

1.Collect a diverse dataset for pre-training.
2.Use the transformer architecture to build the model.
3.Pre-train on the dataset to learn language patterns.
4.Fine-tune the model for specific tasks or applications.

How to use Gpts?

1.Access the model via an API or by installing a library that includes the GPT model.
2.Provide a prompt or question to the model to initiate the text generation.
3.The model will process the input and generate a response based on learned patterns.
4.Integrate the output into applications, such as chatbots, writing assistants, or data analysis tools.

How does GPTs work?

GPT-4 uses a transformer architecture to understand language, analyzing entire sentences together for better context comprehension. It's pre-trained on vast text to learn language patterns, enabling diverse tasks without specific training. The text is tokenized and processed by neural networks, with attention mechanisms focusing on word relationships. GPT-4 generates text by predicting the next likely word, forming coherent sentences.

GPT Store and GPTs FAQ

What is the GPT Store?

The GPT Store is an online platform dedicated to products and services powered by Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). It offers a wide range of applications, tools, and services that utilize the advanced capabilities of GPT technology, including text generation, language translation, content creation, and more.

How do GPTs work in the GPT Store?

  1. Technology Foundation: GPTs are AI models trained on large datasets to generate human-like text. level, and expected years remaining through questionnaires.
  2. Integration: These models are integrated into various applications and tools available in the GPT Store. medical research.
  3. User Interaction: Users interact with these applications by inputting text or commands, which the GPT models process.
  4. Output Generation: The GPTs generate responses or content based on the input, providing users with a wide range of functionalities from writing assistance to data analysis.

Are the applications in the GPT Store reliable?

Yes, generally, the applications in the GPT Store are reliable. They are built on advanced GPT models, which are continuously updated for accuracy and effectiveness. However, like any AI technology, they are not infallible and should be used with an understanding of their limitations.

What are the limitations of GPTs in the GPT Store?

  1. Data-Dependent: Their performance is largely dependent on the data they were trained on.
  2. Context Understanding: While advanced, they may sometimes misinterpret complex or nuanced contexts.
  3. Ethical Considerations: Users should be aware of ethical implications, particularly regarding content creation and personal data usage.

How can GPT technology benefit users?

GPT technology offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Efficiency in Content Creation: Automating and aiding in writing tasks.
  2. Language Understanding and Translation: Breaking down language barriers.
  3. Educational Assistance: Providing learning and tutoring support.
  4. Business Solutions: Enhancing customer service, data analysis, and more.

Are there popular applications in the GPT Store?

The GPT Store features a variety of popular applications, such as text generators, chatbots, language translators, and content creation tools. Each application caters to different needs, ranging from personal use to professional business solutions.

Is access to the GPT Store free?

While the GPT Store offers some free applications, others might require payment or subscription. The cost depends on the complexity of the application and the resources it uses.

How can I maximize the benefits of GPT technology?

To make the most out of GPT technology:

  1. Explore Various Applications: Try different tools to find what best suits your needs.
  2. Understand Limitations: Be aware of the limitations and use the technology as an aid, not a replacement for human judgment.
  3. Stay Updated: Keep up with updates and new applications in the GPT Store to leverage the evolving capabilities of GPT technology.